Alliances II

A good friend and I were talking about our 'old poetry' today, so I want to do something a bit different tonight. This poem was originally written by me on 10/7/2012. I changed it up a bit, added some things, and took some things away. I hope you enjoy it. There is a woman out... Continue Reading →

What Did I Do?

What did I do when you broke up with me? I kicked a wall Threw a fit Punched a man Flipped a tit. Bought some gum Then threw it away Asked again "what will I do today?" Drank some beers Then fucked a friend Then told him this beginning Was now the end. I cried... Continue Reading →

Who Wants Him?

Sometimes I sit and ask myself Why in the world I put up with this Why.. Time after time I keep putting up with this.   Time beats at an amazing pace Setting records for its demise I've known all along this was over It is you, not the situation I despise.   How do... Continue Reading →


*Poof* He was gone So I was left Dancing with broken branches. It was July and had begun snowing But only around me Which used to make me cold But I found solace in it. "See? He never loved you" Did dances around my head Then begun singing a song That I couldn't hear But... Continue Reading →

Crying it Off in the Rain

You can wrap it up in shame Kiss it with regret No matter how you face the truth Nothing has happened yet. Now we can smile through the tears Alone we cry in vain Blame one another for the price Never take accountability for the pain. Simply because we are unwanted Cast out like they... Continue Reading →

Fall Apart

Endless hues of green and lavender With the scent of guilt that tonight cannot crush. A feeling of endless ruins of bliss That beat any sort of restful rush. Honing along and singing a tune To the beat of 1876. When I ran past the man with a hat He hit me with his stick.... Continue Reading →

I Can't Do This Anymore

Brush the hair back from my face Wiped my tears away with barren hands Nothing of this makes any sense to me now. We built a love I thought nothing could break But if anyone can break something, it is me Through what I consider to be no fault of my own. I frantically begin... Continue Reading →

Time To Say Goodbye

The veins in our arms are empty Like the rivers we used to cry They now sit in complete absolution They have naught ~ They are dry. We both were scorned Though years ago Neither one of us Are willing to let go. We both pack our bags Then smile at one another We could... Continue Reading →

I slowly crept into your room Wearing nothing but my smile. I thought I would toy with your mind But I wanted to stay for a while.   I sat in the chair and watched you Sleeping so tenderly. Nude with a touch of sheet Begging for my tendency.   I had it all mapped... Continue Reading →

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