On The Shore

Found with dust particles Nowhere Yet everywhere. The seen The unseen. The found The lost. We fit in molds Easily. Most of us discarded Like waste. She found a shoe once on a hill Climbing for days she was lost. The smell of freedom finally came to her So again, did the frost. Built a... Continue Reading →

Healing Begin

Blowing past what she doesn't remember Lost to circumstances Well beyond her control. Once stood upon the top of her demons Pronouncing them gone Rewarded for the lost souls Though none of them were, really. Took torment to a whole new level As nothing happening around her Caused her concern, or dismay. The origin was... Continue Reading →


Passion fills the air for me But not for what you think it to be I'm not as settled as you may think. I want a flagrant and brilliant home Where all my creativity can roam And nobody judges what I did or didn't do. A man to call my very own That is wise,... Continue Reading →

The Castle

Tenderly he touched my face Wiping the tears from my eyes Assured me he was there to protect That hell would come down from the skies.   He coaxed me out of my protective shell We had lunch by this beautiful lake I told him what all had happened to me And he told me... Continue Reading →

You Can Tell Her Anything

A fork, a knife, a spoon to taste Nothing on this table to waste We all know it isn't kind to let the table sit.   I was angry because of who I'd become Angry, jaded, and full of rum Nothing beats a woman with a grudge.   Then she meets a man with integrity... Continue Reading →

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