Little Reasons

Crying, but not for long Taking a lie, as the absolute truth Knowing they hated me Not for who I was, but for where I came from. Seasons changed the child But never changed course. A lifetime of hate Inside a little girl That knew nothing else But how to love Forgive. Giving them little... Continue Reading →

Well.. Was I?

From the moment of her conception Her very first cry that was left unheard Arms that held her, she was ripped from To the family that hated her Even being there. Growing to a child That had to stop caring What people thought. She had to exist In a world She thought hated her. Grew to a teen... Continue Reading →

Pin Drop

You could have heard a pin drop Nobody moved in the place. Everyone sat staring at her With this shocked look on their face. When she told them everything Every hurt she received. It was a moment of agony That nobody would have believed. It was a story that rocked the world About a woman... Continue Reading →

You Planted Flowers

They were so beautiful There on the ground In the shape of a heart Like it was your heart You were giving to me. You planted them so carefully Then tended to them for days What a lovely surprise.   Then they died Like the pieces of your heart You stepped on them Like you... Continue Reading →

There Are No Others

You can't kill words No matter how much you hate them. You can stop a beating heart Emotionally devastate a family Ruin every form of peace This world requires But you will never silence love. You cannot carry a Qur'an Spouting words of love and mercy Then kill someone Because it isn't the way. Your... Continue Reading →

The Storm That Built Her

Born of greed and anger Then left to deal with the aftermath For a child, unbearable.   A phoenix spawned from fire As she walks through the heat It means nothing to her The ashes became her past The embers, her friends The raging fire is her "now" Her body, the vessel.   The two... Continue Reading →

A Little Visit

Sometimes I like to go back To that old trailer in the woods. Look inside the windows Remember what it was like To be someone Nobody wanted.   Sometimes I like to remember what it was like To be that little girl; So afraid of everyone And everything That sometimes I wanted to die.  ... Continue Reading →

Fickle Little Bitch

You waste your energy saying my name In the presence of anyone Let alone ilk like you. Waste a perfectly good and clear thought When you think of me Because other than right this second I haven't thought of you once. Wasting your crocodile tears Trying to get yourself laid In a country Where obviously... Continue Reading →

A Child Standing In A Light

I feel like a child Standing in a light Everything so exposed And me So un-witty So unnerved That I don't even know How to respond.   Sometimes we are the broken Sometimes we are the lost But honestly, we are the strong Just at a very high cost. We get the justice from our... Continue Reading →

The Vagabond

What we want to believe Are like the smoke rings We sit and watch someone do Thinking somehow they are magical When really, they are not. There is a vagabond in me A clumsy one That stayed too long in one place Now people expect me here When the only thing in the world I... Continue Reading →

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