I Let Her Die

When he said To let it go I knew it was time I've been too slow.   Little blue eyes With very short brown hair When I closed my eyes I saw her standing there.   All alone So afraid Guilty as hell Of all the sins someone else made.   I let her die... Continue Reading →

You Can’t Miss Me

Quietly, with malicious intent A high regard for indecency A low fuse burns silently Insidious cries heard But were never seen.   He would have been A great canidate For everlasting love Many many years Before he met me.   The putrid smell He casts out Is typically only mediated By the fact you want... Continue Reading →


I licked the rim of the chalice As he conquered then came. I realize most men do that the opposite way But that is actually quite lame.   I've cut a ribbon in two So we can take our pleasure in that Binding is a fortunate advantage Within the walls of this flat.   A... Continue Reading →


Stoned faced with a parchment in hand She is a clusterfuck of a woman With everything in her that most find Irrational at its best. She once laid in the street For hours Just to see if anyone Would come check her pulse Or ask her why. Once she bet a sharpshooter A thousand pounds... Continue Reading →

I Wonder If She

I wonder if she kissed my newborn cheek As she handed me to a stranger? Did she sit and warn me of life And all its hidden danger? Did she think of me the day I took my very first step? Did she wonder how I was that day I got my very first case... Continue Reading →

Shhhh... I want to tell you of a love That never went away. A home for a heart was found On this brilliant winter day. A cardinal landed on the window A log house with a woman inside. It beckoned her to retreat But told her to never hide. Lost within a forest A man... Continue Reading →

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