Until I Get Home

I'll wander around aimlessly Forge myself shamelessly Seemingly unaware of all the cost. I'll live within this charade of pain My resentment will not wane I'm the only one that pays for that. I'll sit right here and write a bit Using some of my creative wit Hoping someone gets something from it all. I'll... Continue Reading →

The Arch of Forgiveness

I kneel on a beach hitting at the water Screaming for revenge From a God that won't give it to me. Years ago it happened Though talking to me You would think it was last week. Forgiveness is an arch It begins slow Until you reach the top. Then you begin to realize it is... Continue Reading →


He is the most beautiful storm in the perfect time of day Where you have nowhere to go, so you can sit and listen to it pour. He is the tender leaf on a newly formed plant That you know will become something beautiful someday. He is that piece of sand that gets trapped That... Continue Reading →

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