Do You Hear Me Now?

You didn't hear me When I said I wanted freedom from this pain And asked you to deliver me from it. You didn't hear me When I said I wasn't entirely certain of your facts Because I've never hurt anyone. You didn't hear me When I said you need to stop Questioning everything. You didn't... Continue Reading →


I'm lost Somewhere between Forever And Yesterday. Between What I am And Who I am supposed to be. Stuck Between Wanting to run And Standing defiantly still. Between Crying for what I lost And Wanting to get it all back. Lost within The hope that still exists And The jaded part of me that rules... Continue Reading →

I Didn’t Do That

Craved and I learned a lesson Hidden meaning between the lies That were supposed to be apparent But were not to me. Cries never heard in darkness They fall like rain As I do Nobody warned me about that. Hidden dangers under covers Between breaths that were not his I was warned against all of... Continue Reading →

Just A Tear

I'm just a tear Rolling down her cheek Lonely and searching For an end to your torment Of this woman That never hurt Anyone.   There are many of me Both in front and behind me. She wipes me away Like I mean nothing To her.   Yet she believes In her heart You mean... Continue Reading →

I Don't Want To Be Here

Sitting at the train station Waiting for someone Yet I don't know who. I don't want to be here.   At the ocean The lighthouse peers out Looking for something I don't want to be here.   Standing in line Behind many people That are much more patient I don't want to be here.  ... Continue Reading →

Crying it Off in the Rain

You can wrap it up in shame Kiss it with regret No matter how you face the truth Nothing has happened yet. Now we can smile through the tears Alone we cry in vain Blame one another for the price Never take accountability for the pain. Simply because we are unwanted Cast out like they... Continue Reading →

The Obscene Paradigm

Trenches and trench coats lead a girl astray Billboards tell the child to never run away. Farmers and homesteads is all she's ever known The family still calls her baby, but my has she grown. Chaste she stays until the night of her prom Though all the tales and stories from her mom. A child... Continue Reading →

He Whispered

I was standing in the middle of the river The water was so cold I couldn't feel my legs Screaming at him to make everything stop Demanding he take everything back he ever said to me Telling him I wasn't worth his time Had already tried calling him names Explaining to him how he shouldn't... Continue Reading →

....Hasn't laid down in bed with me in months, she sleeps somewhere else. ....Never takes naps on the porch while reading her favorite magazine. ....Doesn't touch me or kiss me anymore. ....Doesn't annoy me every time I answer my phone by asking me who it is while I'm trying to talk. Maybe it doesn't matter... Continue Reading →

A feather gently floating to the earth A slideshow in remembrance of the pain. A man that once stood tall and proud A life ~ What he stood to gain. Boyish pride in every movement Beyond what he claims he can do. Below the usual standards of approach Boy ~ What he wish he knew.... Continue Reading →

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