This Forest

Pieces of you laying all over the floor Matches the blood spots Nobody seems to care about. Methods match the heartbeat Spent inside a cyclone The thoughts in your head. She loves this one But that one Inconveniences her. Smoldering fires around Dancing witches Enchanting items None of them Seem to fit you. Matches lit... Continue Reading →


It was the sound of the wind Brought me out into the dark Walked over to the terminal But refused to park. I could still feel the moisture In what was the magic of being Lost within a realm we could see Knowing nothing, but the meaning. The rocks, slippery and wet We lick them,... Continue Reading →


I wish I could meet you Somewhere in the middle of us Through longing and desire We've always held so firmly in place. I wish I was there with you Seeing the sky light up Hearing the banging of the thunder Making the walls shake. I wish I could always hear you Even if it... Continue Reading →


She foretold of a future in danger A resurrection would take place Someone would rise from the ashes To attempt at a whole new face. This one would cry in agony When someone would admit defeat Lost are those in danger When they don't know when to retreat.   She foretold of a love that... Continue Reading →

The Dancer

There is a picture in my head of a dancer Floating all around the room Eyes closed, hands in the air You can almost feel this beautiful rose bloom. She isn't hearing any of the talking As the people gather to see This miraculous woman that seems to be dancing Everyone's enjoyment for free. She... Continue Reading →

Dance With Me

The room was packed with people Everyone paying attention To the distraction. You and I though We found our distraction Within one another.   When I saw you I didn't want to say hello Instead I wanted to ask A million questions.   Eyes met in a field The room could have been empty But... Continue Reading →


Foiled at my attempts to seduce him I come out into the light only to dance. If there was ever a time to fornicate I've already lost my chance.   I watch him walk away from me The way he sways like a tree in the wind. Think I heard him wrong the other day... Continue Reading →

The trees hush us in darkness To what we say late at night. I've justified this until I'm blue in the face And it still doesn't make it right. Blaming it all on being lost Or not knowing right from wrong. Begin a dance in agony Then get paid to steal a song. Running like... Continue Reading →

I stand in the middle of the dancefloor A burgundy dress that shows my curves Black high heel shoes That shine with the small amount of light That is in the room. I hear the song begin to play It is piano ~ my favorite I wait for him to arrive Dressed in a button... Continue Reading →

Rain falls on a tin roof You can hear it softly hit My mind wanders to a place of serenity Curtains blow into the room I put my ‘Wordsworth’ book down Bare feet on a hardwood floor I turn on ‘Blue Moon’ Begin swaying to the music I pretend you dance with me I close... Continue Reading →

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