There was a darkness surrounding her She swore was the other side. Enemies riddled with deception They were in for a wild ride. First, she had to look pleasant Like an angel in disguise. Listening to the air around But he wasn't very wise. Sat alone in a room in silence She knew what she... Continue Reading →


Once life was swirling around me All I could do was stand there Reaching for what I could Letting go of what I couldn't manage. Like being stuck in a tornado For years. Many injuries later Many mistakes He comes to me in darkness And all I can feel now Is stillness.

Within the Darkness

Within the darkness hides a shadow Most were afraid to approach Lost to minds bitter battle That nobody wanted to encroach. They whispered about it to others Nobody seemed immune They danced with it in battle Yet nobody knew the tune. Silence ripped the atmosphere Then begged for it all to end Where danger lurks... Continue Reading →


The air of forgiveness is around me What I eat does not feed Fulfilled in a destiny I wasn't prepared for. Darkness filled my life today Left empty spaces in my essence Filled only with the greed of humanity Left once for the beat of a heart But not for the loss of my inheritance. Sapphires now... Continue Reading →

The Darkness Within Her

She has a darkness within her Untamed and unmanaged. One thinks he holds the key Burning his hand when it is used. Consecrated by the belief in her will She is both temptation, and the unrelenting. A force that you wish you could tame But know you cannot. She spreads silence like seeds To people... Continue Reading →

Reaching In Darkness

We do this upon our awakening When silence takes hold of our heads The silence that has eaten away at everything We weren't paying attention to all these years. So much of ourselves lost to our yearning So we go reaching into darkness To find something Someone To fill this void in us. Sometimes what... Continue Reading →

I’ve Been Here Before

Standing in the darkness Everything is in the same place It was before I walked out. I already know how this ends; Nobody comes to rescue you. The silence will bring me peace The darkness will surround me Engulfing me in an embrace I'll find it hard to get out of. I've been here before... Continue Reading →

You Don’t Have Him

He may smile at you Even want to get you undressed And into his bed. He may touch you Look deeply into your eyes Tell you he wants you. He may say a thousand things A thousand different ways But tonight it will be different.   Tonight he'll get on the phone with me When... Continue Reading →

My One Wish

Tender is a night that comes Diligently and solemn I wander around aimlessly Trying to find peace In a place that seems void Of anything.   It does no good to close my eyes When the darkness is so thick. I wonder if you remember sending me That picture of your.. Funny how men can... Continue Reading →


Fading strongly across what she laid out An open hand, with a very forceful sense of urgency. Life knows how to hand out the best of what it intends But does so even so randomly, that she couldn't keep up. When everything seemed so lost She foraged for whatever it was she needed Pride, dignity,... Continue Reading →

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