He Is My Home

Don't confuse my words with my heart; I am his, totally and completely.   Today I saw a photograph of him After a haircut And I smiled Because right there In that little frame Void of a smile With the frustration of dealing with me Seen on his face Is my home.   He is... Continue Reading →

Hold To Me

Hold To Me When you feel the weight of the world on your shoulders Nothing is letting up You forge ahead only because standing still is not an option for you.   Hold To Me When you feel absolutely worthless And death seems to be the only option for you Faith and hope seems to... Continue Reading →

Some Things

I sensed a bit of weakness in her As she pushed her glasses up And continued on about her day. Things loom inside of her People never see, or ask about Yet it always gets in her way. Tells me she feels suffocated By a long and tedious life That definitely did not go according... Continue Reading →

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