Did Anyone Hear That?

Muffled crying in the distance We just can't seem to hear. Well beyond our busy lives We just can't lend an ear. Did anyone hear the sound Of that teen about to take the fall? Did you know, just that night, She had nobody in the world left to call? Why is it only after the... Continue Reading →


Riding rather carelessly On a horse named Death. Traipsing through meadows When a storm approached. I jumped off to grab a drink from the stream.   Death began running feverishly towards home When everything and everyone ran out of its way. Nothing wants to get in the way of Death.

A Distinct Difference

Life changes the course of atmosphere In direct relation to ones desire Not destiny. Hate produces just the amount of waste you need To feed a hunger in you That nobody knows about. The distinct difference Between life And death Is movement.   Movement stirs the beast within But stillness keeps it at bay. We... Continue Reading →

The Arc Convenant

We wore plaid on the day of the event Because our ancestors did. We melt iron and steel to forge weapons It worked so well to kill what we thought Were our enemies That we didn't even question the morality Of the absolute resolve it required To take as many lives As we needed To... Continue Reading →


Desire rides in one night On a black horse, named Death. He points a bony finger my way- Suddenly I'm out of breath.   I walk towards him as a shadow He takes my world away. I am now surrounded by nothing And standing in clay.   I try to touch his horse But nothing... Continue Reading →


Bursts of light come at us As we try to escape the wrath Sinister as we thought it was It had nothing on her.   Nails as long as spikes But don't worry You won't get that close. She lures targets into A false sense of security Only to show them How they can fall off this... Continue Reading →

What I’ve Found

Quiet like a raging storm I head to the tallest tree. They found everything in battle But somehow lost me. One soldier handed me a rose Which I clearly threw on the ground. We came, we saw, we conquered But peace, we never found. On top of tree I could see the price All the... Continue Reading →


The air of forgiveness is around me What I eat does not feed Fulfilled in a destiny I wasn't prepared for. Darkness filled my life today Left empty spaces in my essence Filled only with the greed of humanity Left once for the beat of a heart But not for the loss of my inheritance. Sapphires now... Continue Reading →

Kill You

She's gotten to know the inner workings What makes you ebb And flow. Now she is done with you But first, She'll try to kill you.   She'll take every word you ever said And make it terrible. Scream at you about everything While your head and heart are spinning. Take every brick of the... Continue Reading →

Learn To Fly

Buried deep within a tomb Lies the truth he buried inside. Running away never quite answered What he was never able to hide.   Secrets left in a garden Fell upon the stars at night. It wasn't what he carried within It was the fact that nothing was right.   Sheer force stopped the stillness... Continue Reading →

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