You Can Pretend

There you go You have permission To act like she was a coward. You have permission To tell everyone How you rescued her How you loved her deeply And she did you so wrong! You can cry at the loss Of what you thought would be forever Change your phone number In case she ever... Continue Reading →

Hidden Within the Mansion

The blue in her eye fades to a soft gray As she attempts to understand the storm. Wondering if maybe someday she could ease this curse Or maybe now this will be her norm. She sits a desk right in front of the door She hated when people came in. To stop the storm is... Continue Reading →

They Said

They say she cannot fight, she's a woman Because women aren't meant to be strong Yet she fights like a tiger, and always has Meant to be a fighter all along.   They said nobody would ever love her She wasn't ever meant for that kind of song Today is finally her chance To prove... Continue Reading →

Nobody Tells The Truth

He is an idiot A raging fucking ball of hormones With a consistent amount of stupidity enough To keep him uninteresting. If you want someone grunting on top of you Then two minutes later falling asleep I can give you his number.   He slid right into first base So I guess I thought I... Continue Reading →

An ever cumbersome traitor Found on a social site When bored he would troll the walls Of unsuspecting women late at night. Trying to find one desperate enough To believe his fallen lies He'd like you to believe it is very hard But he never even tries. Hollow words and meaningless babble Led one woman... Continue Reading →

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