I Don’t Think I Miss You Anymore

The heavy rains Clouds hovered over Lightening took the faith in me Yet I refused to take cover. Wishing you were what you said I finally laid down my shield That was then, this is now Today I would not yield. I don't think I miss you anymore You're just another lock on a shut... Continue Reading →

Will You Make Her Yours?

We can all plainly see This one enjoys dangling her off the cliff Then pulling her back in So he can be her hero. This other one tries But he's married With kids. Another is betrothed To someone He can never have Yet he wants her.   She's starting to think She isn't good enough... Continue Reading →

The Song You Sing

It's beautiful really, We hum it in our heads, This mesmerizing tune, That only you can sing. The words take everyone, Like a strong grasp, Leaving us breathless, And wanting More. Coupled with your looks, Those eyes, That smile, We are taken by it all, So very taken. We walk around, Singing what we think... Continue Reading →

Drinking Wine

There is darkness in lightness A whisper within a lie The truth evades the one who waits And trust me, he's no spy. When it comes to eluding and evading He is more than just a whiz You'll know a few tiny facts But you'll never know who he is.   Tears spread across a... Continue Reading →

If I Walked By

If I wore my favorite dress Put on my high heel shoes Brushed my hair back Gave you a million clues.   If I walked by your house Gave you little smiles. Would you take a step Or leap a thousand miles?   If we were at a bar Drinking it up with friends Would... Continue Reading →

He is a clumsy, clumsy man I refer to him as 'The Master Manipulator' He isn't quite sure of his ethnicity Confused as to his religion as well Maybe he came from this country Or perhaps he was born in another? I hold him in high regard Not because I believe a single word That... Continue Reading →

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