On your knees you go Don't take too much time. I'm not the kind of woman to wait Or I wouldn't write in rhyme. You'll do what I want With a smile upon your face Bring me a cup of pleasure My little sensual disgrace. Touch me without permission Back in the chair you go... Continue Reading →

You Want Her

Not quite enough to say hello Or to answer her message. Maybe not quite enough For forever; But a really good 'right now' Sounds great.   You want her just enough to lie About something little, or perhaps big. Just enough to get this sinking feeling When you think of what you would risk In... Continue Reading →


He feels like this is the best thing He's had in ages. While I sit here yawning Wondering if maybe There weren't something else A little more Something Out there?   I want just a little more I want it so powerful I need it to shoot the moon And come back to me. I... Continue Reading →

I Want to Feel Again

A dress laying up against my leg. A corset, tight up against my chest. Him to look like at me like he would take me right there. Panty hose comfortably snug against my freshly shaved legs. The top of my breasts slightly peeking out of my shirt. The wind blowing my hair into my face,... Continue Reading →

He Wants an Angel

Searching for a halo Can you buy that sort of thing? Maybe a twig would suffice Or just a golden ring? I think he wants one kept Though naughty in a way One that he could get to come Then simply always stay. He's too serious of a man Just to want some fun He... Continue Reading →

Call Me

Call me when you can be a man That wants a woman. When you want the taste of me On your lips. When you want my breasts Against your body. When you want your lips pressed to mine In a kiss neither of us will forget. When you are rock hard and I can feel... Continue Reading →

Kiss Me Slowly

I want to drive him so crazy He doesn't know what to do with himself Until he finally has me. I want him to find himself in me In my eyes And my soul. I want to get so lost in him That it feels like I'm finally home.   I want him to kiss... Continue Reading →


Gently or firmly Let me count to three Taken, softly Simply let this be. Costing, nothing It hastens to the score. We want it so badly What are we waiting for? Briskly, not waning Let us take it all in. Breathing, deeply Never mention the sin. Bravely, deftly We want this all so much. Nearly... Continue Reading →


You can have cake With any kind of frosting you want. A painting That completely lights up your room. A ring With every stone in it you love. A phone That rings only when you want it to. There so many things you can have in this world Some brilliant and beautiful Some only temporary... Continue Reading →

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