I Know When I’m Talking To The Devil

I know when I'm talking to the devil, He sneaks in slowly, carefully, Not wanting to ruffle any feathers.. He whispers kindness to lure you in To a false sense of security. Fake names, pictures, and memories He talks of them so fondly That you begin to believe The lie that is him. I've talked... Continue Reading →

Do You Wander With Angels?

Transfixed by that which is clairvoyant, Leaning glass against the wall. We search endlessly for that first kiss But then we want them all. Fought endlessly for truth Justice paid the price. I'd tell you it all got better But I'm really not that nice. Trees obscure a view for me I was left alone... Continue Reading →

When he walked up I knew he wasn't the one Because Everyone knows You only shake the devils left hand. We still invited him in With a raised brow Wondering if he was just foolish Or he truly thought He fooled us? We fed him Gave him new clothing A few dollars Then sent him... Continue Reading →

Waves come at a rock Rushing water breaks the sound. Hades takes the world by storm Coming up from underground. Somehow he appeals to me The darker sense of self. It takes a match to bury the flame And sex to put it out. I wonder if this is all I will have As far... Continue Reading →

Head Full of Lies

She has a dangerous sense of securityKnowing that death is merely a timeA moment caught in bitter hasteOf what was a perfect crime.Placid is the day nowSilence is the storm.Caught up in angers dripping viceIs not usually her norm.Today she steals the breathOf the man that did her in.Finding something to make the voicesBleed from... Continue Reading →

He told me once to behave That everything would come to them That they so richly deserve. But right now I just needed to be silent Content Pretend I am obedient Subservient Then one day The rug will be pulled from under them And I can stand there With a smirk on my face While... Continue Reading →

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