Hidden in a river he doesn't visit Lost the shadows of everyone He turned from in haste. She hits her head into his banging indifference Sometimes finding it refreshing Sometimes exhausting; She doesn't know whether to laugh Or keep turning her head to it.   A stream flows past a child Playing beside it for... Continue Reading →

The Atmosphere

The soft taste of lust You cannot see with the candle burning. A moment held in embrace I touch the soft parts of him That I know are mine. Take in a breath Then sigh in relief. Never have I been happier To be aive Than I am right this moment.   When we are... Continue Reading →


Embers still sit in a fire That yesterday Had raged Nearly out of control.   They sit by this fire These two Solitary souls He, wanting her more than anything She, just wanting to know the truth.   Without loyalty There is no love Without devotion There cannot be forever.   Besides What is exactly... Continue Reading →

Meant To Protect

We women are predisposed To tend to people Take care of the ones we love What happens though When we've taken too much?   Today I defy all the notions That I'm so terribly understanding So horribly forgiving That I'm often used As a doormat. Today I want to call bluffs Trump the fuck out... Continue Reading →

I don't remember when I lost you It must have been while I was talking to the postman You require strict adherence and devotion Loyalty to you, above all others. It must be said that at some point of our lives We should be willing to risk everything Even if we gain nothing In so... Continue Reading →

May we begin this parable or allegory, as it were With a priest, modern and sophisticated, of course Standing upon an alter, holding a cross in one hand, and his cock in another? Nay, that would just be wrong Let us just begin with a beautiful scene instead. A woman, beautiful and fragrant, stood before... Continue Reading →

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