Broken Tirade of Justice

There is both the freedom and the lost within us Where we land is where we stay. Hope fills all our days with sunshine It is when we lost it, we understand the darkness. We sit in it and try to look around Wondering why everything looks so different without light. The source of the... Continue Reading →


Sometimes Saying "I love you" Is tantamount To suicide. So maybe If she hesitates She's died that death before.

Sweet Revenge

I apply claws to my hands Forgetting the past won’t happen. There are other victims out there And I plan to find them. My sword is sheathed by my waist My eyes burn an amber red. Ladies that don’t prepare for battle Typically end up dead. I leave a few things at home Won’t need... Continue Reading →

Just Let Me Die

Worse than I imagined I was He points it all out to me. Makes me realize I'm not the great person I had always planned to be. Not worth the time and effort Nor the fight he puts into it all. Tonight I'll sit here in darkness Because I don't deserve the light. I'll pray... Continue Reading →

He tied my ankles and wrists together Then told me not to make a sound There was something he needed to say And he didn't want me hitting the ground. Funny how you can be so forceful When you know someone cannot move. I would be looking like I was struggling to get free But... Continue Reading →

Blowing a feather into the wind To watch it dance around My eyes follow it As it gently glides through the air Ever so delicately. I am such a torn woman Standing in the middle of two rivers. One flows with uncertainty But with a gentle motion. The other is a rapid flowing river It... Continue Reading →

A feather gently floating to the earth A slideshow in remembrance of the pain. A man that once stood tall and proud A life ~ What he stood to gain. Boyish pride in every movement Beyond what he claims he can do. Below the usual standards of approach Boy ~ What he wish he knew.... Continue Reading →

Because I'm not worth it anymore I don't matter to anyone Sometimes I doubt I ever have. Because I feel lonely Even when in the middle of a crowd As I am alone Nobody is like me They don't understand me Sometimes I don't think they care. Because I've lost the will To live Breathe... Continue Reading →

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