It Is All Broken

First, I laid down the bottle, Of course I picked it up a few times Cried over not having that numbing, Then set it down again. After that I set down my phone Stopped waiting for the phone calls Tired of the lies. Sitting quietly in my room one night I realized my life is... Continue Reading →

I Drink it Away

When life gets me down I don't know where to go Who I belong to Where I belong Why I am here. When everything No matter how small Gets me down. When sometimes I feel so small So useless So irrelevant That I don't even know Who I am anymore. I get so drunk I... Continue Reading →

He Feels Like

A soft fall on a pillow After a long day at work Comforting And always there. A long drive When I just want to get away From all the noise Of my life. A hard drink After a terrible day Sitting with a friend That doesn't judge Anything I say. He feels like all that.... Continue Reading →


Waves of heat rising from the sand dunes Sweat running down your face Muscles in your body contract Begging for hydration Would you like a drink of water? Bodies entwined for hours Repeating the same act over and over With only lust filled gasps to take up the airwaves I wonder if they are thirsty?... Continue Reading →

Did you have so much drink tonight You forgot about her? Forgot how much you loved her How much she meant to you When she threw you out? Did you drink just enough tonight To forget about your life? Forget about me? What you say I mean to you? The promises you make to me... Continue Reading →

A twist of lemon for the side Then you boil the water. Gather all the things you need As the liquid becomes hotter. If you tangle in a mess of this With just a little bit of that, You'll come out with the insanity Within a stricken little rat. You have to plunge the tea... Continue Reading →

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