Through The Eyes

Through the eyes of a child I saw hate; The kind that children should never see. They hated where I came from, But in reality, hated me. Through the eyes of an adolescent I saw confusion Why nobody came to my aid. Memories of a child forgotten Thank fuck those memories fade. Through the eyes... Continue Reading →

Do We Even Make Any Sense?

When the winds blow north Snow falls from the East We've never chosen the right direction Or seem to care where we end up. When we grasp at straws Pointedly in the direction of our souls Licking the rims of oceans Yet finding no sand. When I reach for you There is deafening silence Everything... Continue Reading →

It’s Your Eyes

It isn't that beautiful heart You hide behind the image Of strength. The way you always make me feel Like you're there Or here With me. It isn't your hair You complain is gray Or the wrinkles In a face I'd love to touch. Everything That is anything About you Is in your eyes.  

He Stands Before Me

He stands before me Says nothing But my name. I don't look him in the eyes, I already know What they look like. They look like everything I've ever wanted.   He stands before me Says nothing But my name. His voice is like music To ears That have never heard it.   I get... Continue Reading →

From A Distance

Silence rips the atmosphere They said we aren't really here But all the forms of life seem to disagree. The afternoon is very still But then we all get a chill As something has forgotten that it is Spring. The dust has been settled for a very long time There is no recollection of the... Continue Reading →

I Don’t Want to Tell You

I don't want to tell you about me; I want you to find out Yourself. Peer into the dark recesses Clean out fragments that seem so detatched Make your home somewhere in my heart Where you can stay Unabated.   See my life Through my stories Through my eyes My heart My voice.   Knowing... Continue Reading →

Here in the Rain

Stand with me Barren Alone Say nothing Not even a whisper. Let your eyes And your hands Say everything.   Let our bodies Dance to a rhythm Only you and I can hear.   Make no promises No demands Just stand here In the rain with me Until I figure out Whether I can give... Continue Reading →

There Are Your Eyes

There are your eyes They are within her And you. She gave them to you As a gift As she gave you life. No matter how she left No matter how she lived You will always have her eyes And her life Within you.

I was held in dark contempt For screaming too loudly at the wind. Then lost all respect for mankind Because of one that did me in. Shadows fall in aftermath, I thought I heard a sound. A whisper came all to late, the lady hit the ground. I glide through a season without knowing It... Continue Reading →

Your eyes melt the walls around my heart marble blue drips purr deep within my soul, carefully undressing my mind, leaving you etched for eternity on my breast I am lost in pools of you willingly drenched inside your fire, see how I dance with light, no more the blind, I live your eyes You... Continue Reading →

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