The World Stopped

I was going to put up something funny Maybe a conversation that I was in. Sat wondering which one I'd use And where I would begin. Then Facebook asked me If I'd be your friend I saw a picture of you. The world stopped, I sat staring Nobody even knew. I'm probably the only one... Continue Reading →


He'll whisper to you In the best of ways Tell you to lift your ass To him. He'll seduce your mind While telling you He loves you 'To the moon and back.' Then describe to you In intricate detail All the things He would do to you If he weren't too much of a pussy... Continue Reading →

An ever cumbersome traitor Found on a social site When bored he would troll the walls Of unsuspecting women late at night. Trying to find one desperate enough To believe his fallen lies He'd like you to believe it is very hard But he never even tries. Hollow words and meaningless babble Led one woman... Continue Reading →

....Hasn't laid down in bed with me in months, she sleeps somewhere else. ....Never takes naps on the porch while reading her favorite magazine. ....Doesn't touch me or kiss me anymore. ....Doesn't annoy me every time I answer my phone by asking me who it is while I'm trying to talk. Maybe it doesn't matter... Continue Reading →

We told him to be a hero To rush out and kill people That would do harm to our nation Are trying to take our freedoms away from us! "Rush out there with a gun soldier Kill everyone Be merciless!" And you will be an American hero! We provide him with the gun Clothing Food... Continue Reading →

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