Both Hands

There are some things You can simply glance at; Take notice of But never follow through with. Your faith Your love You should hold onto With both hands.  

Afternoon Delight

Fall rains on our bodies On our faces As we sit talking Like nothing happening around us Matters at all. I listen to your stories Captivated in them Pretending I was there Seeing Smelling Touching What you did. I pretend you loved me then That all your life You only loved me. In this moment... Continue Reading →

My Blanket

He wraps me In complete protection Never faltering Never wavering Always there Always my peace.   When the world Grates at me I go to him For comfort For support. My blanket Always there For me.   Now if I could Just figure out What I could do For him That would even come close... Continue Reading →

The Answer

How do you forgive someone that hurt you So badly, and for so long?   How do you mend a relationship That seemingly fell apart Out of nowhere?   How do you forgive yourself For making the terrible mistake Of trusting someone That hurt you terribly?   How do you open a book again After... Continue Reading →

The Pain

The world bulges As we continue to thrive At the demise Of everything. It wasn't the fall From grace That hurt. It was everything I did To me Afterward. Shame seals doors for us As guilt cleans up the mess We claim we are better off Yet we cannot handle the stress. We cling to... Continue Reading →

What If You Have Nobody?

On a day set aside for lovers You had nobody to hold your hand Kiss your cheek Or tell you they love you? No flowers were being delivered Or loving face to greet you in the morning? No moment captured Or caught up in time No special memo's written to you Or phone call meant... Continue Reading →

Upon Corcomroe

Silent storms upon a land of rock Leaves all intention in the wake Of a storm that went through Yesterday.   Seemingly love is the most still When we don't think of it. Yet upon the land lies Corcomroe Which is always where we laid our hearts.   I touch the stone outside It reminds... Continue Reading →

I Don't Want To Be Here

Sitting at the train station Waiting for someone Yet I don't know who. I don't want to be here.   At the ocean The lighthouse peers out Looking for something I don't want to be here.   Standing in line Behind many people That are much more patient I don't want to be here.  ... Continue Reading →

Voices From The Past

Hidden within depths Nobody can see from anywhere Though some have never cared to look. An absolutely disproportionate arrangement Between what was yesterday And what is today When really we should only concern ourselves With right now.   He was the captain of the ship A rocky road was ahead So he shouted to all... Continue Reading →

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