Never Unwanted

Madness can be heard in whispers Of sanity. Ignorance can be found suddenly In intelligence. Love can be seen even by the Blind. A touch can be felt For days. Hate can be felt Forever. Yet the nagging feeling of not being wanted Never goes away.   Love can be felt for an eternity If... Continue Reading →

Have You Ever Been A Bird?

Close your eyes and you can feel the wind Surround you like your greatest friend All the while your feet are on the ground.   They say I am the dangerous one But I swear it is all for fun Any fool can get lost inside a dream.   Excuse me for disconnecting your call... Continue Reading →

Don't Worry

He will be everything you want Appear to be your biggest dream Tell you how you two will live Which will be in a way you've always wanted. Makes you feel so very important Like he is sacrificing his life Just for you. He builds you up Makes you feel on top of the world... Continue Reading →


A rigorous course of medicine Taught him that our bodies Can ruin us. It can take a healthy, able man Turn him into ash In days.   He met her on a rainy walk Time flew, and they still talk All these years it is all they've ever done.   Their lives tick by so... Continue Reading →

Three Heads. No Heart.

Three heads etched in stone...   One begs to play with my mind He doesn't want anything substantial; Just to play with my head a bit Before he goes on about his life. He claims to be part of it Yet when I go home, I am still as alone As I was the day... Continue Reading →

The Wind Through Me

There is a purpose in wind To cleanse the Earth Move things to their proper place Test your roof Test your resolve. But to me You are the wind What surrounds me Keeps me safe Makes me feel stronger Lets me know you are always with me. When I feel the wind It reminds me... Continue Reading →

Make Love To Me

Am I that woman you see in the mirror Whose shadow refuses to disappear? Am I just nothing more Than what you knock on the floor When you anger gets the best of you?   Am I the grace you hear in a song The whisper that tells you to go on? Am I really... Continue Reading →

Mine is like a nighmare You never get to wake up from. Like the person standing at a chalk board Smiling while they run their fingernails down it. The noise in the middle of the night that wakes you But you aren't quite sure what it was. Mine is the feeling of being so completely... Continue Reading →

The floodgates open for a moment And he is caught Like a man unwilling to fight Even for a moment For anything He believes. Buried deep within him is a secret He refuses to acknowledge But always seems to show Through action And his adversity. He doesn't wander on a path But seemingly jumps around... Continue Reading →

A woman believes for a moment His reputation is a bit sublime Though honestly, endearingly She's always known the time. Right now she sits in an empty shell Unwittingly unwilling to cope. Every day this lady sits She loses a bit of hope. People wonder if she is alright They even seemingly care What it... Continue Reading →

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