The Color of Lies

Flesh ripping apart As a boat cuts through the water In a lake Nobody can get to. You could have died If only the stories you told Were real. I lived in fantasy With you For years. Sometimes I sit I read our old conversations And I know The color of lies.

How Is That?

If I have to Make my own coffee Talk to myself in the morning Make my list of chores Masterbate Warm myself Drive everywhere Take out my own trash Listen to myself complain Make my bed Clean my clothes Cry alone Console myself Remember who to trust. Get frustrated and have nobody To listen to... Continue Reading →

I’d Still Want You

I could be in the most beautiful place Surrounded by those that care Laughing and having a great time I'd still want you there. I could be sitting in a room all alone Writing a poem Worried about your feelings for me Worried maybe I care a bit more than you I'd still want you... Continue Reading →

Fantasy is Beautiful Ecstasy can be made Colors form an arrangement Though history tends to fade.   In fantasy he is all mine Nobody else gets his attention His heart, mind, body, and soul are kept Behind a wall, just for me.   In reality he is nowhere Between lines of discord. Sent to someone... Continue Reading →

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