Once life was swirling around me All I could do was stand there Reaching for what I could Letting go of what I couldn't manage. Like being stuck in a tornado For years. Many injuries later Many mistakes He comes to me in darkness And all I can feel now Is stillness.

I’ve Been Here Before

Standing in the darkness Everything is in the same place It was before I walked out. I already know how this ends; Nobody comes to rescue you. The silence will bring me peace The darkness will surround me Engulfing me in an embrace I'll find it hard to get out of. I've been here before... Continue Reading →

I Found The Lost

I found the lost While lost myself. All of us Fighting a war We didn't want to fight. I found the lost To be my saviors. They lift you up Because they don't want you to feel The way they do, just now. I found the lost Because they found me.

Standing in the Room

I wish I was in Spain Standing somewhere You would see me Smile at you As you pass by. Would you know It was me? Would you pass by Or stop and talk to me? Would you be happy Or would I remind you Of how we loved?   What if I Were standing in... Continue Reading →

Life Altered Meaning

There are boundaries we stretch To fit our cause Because we are too weak To state our truth. Denial at the first imposition Where deceit and loyalty collide In a mass explosion Right in front of our face. If you had to chose Would you bury her Or me? If you had to lie Would... Continue Reading →

Has He Felt That Yet?

The very last acorn on the tree; The one that refuses to drop Too high to climb to So it sits there on the limb Almost taunting you.   It has never been a mystery to me I've never liked nuts much anyway I like cool, calm, collected Reserved, but not to me.   I've... Continue Reading →


A slime takes over a city They've licked from the underbelly Of the unfortunate And weak. The lion wanders around Looking for its next meal In the very young Or the slightly slower. He, like a shark out of water You would think he would pose no threat But he is dangerous to everyone. Shielded... Continue Reading →

What Love Is

Love is not what you say to him when he is in front of your face It is how you talk about him when speaking to someone that would never say a word It is how you speak about him when you have to refer to him in conversation. Love is not what you do... Continue Reading →

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