It Didn’t Feel Like This

I've felt like the sky was going to fall on me At any moment. Felt the earth shift beneath my feet In a sudden fit of rage. Cried on the top of what I thought was my best To find out I had failed miserably. Shelled nuts that I thought would feed me To find... Continue Reading →

The Great Fall

Cautiously we come to the ruins Where towers fell at our feet Bricks all over the place In no order, at all.   Months have passed Since the great fall; We sit and have coffee Talk about how angry we were How we didn't care what we lost So long as the entire place Was... Continue Reading →

Has He Felt That Yet?

The very last acorn on the tree; The one that refuses to drop Too high to climb to So it sits there on the limb Almost taunting you.   It has never been a mystery to me I've never liked nuts much anyway I like cool, calm, collected Reserved, but not to me.   I've... Continue Reading →

Because sometimes I cannot be the strong one. Sometimes I cannot be 'the bigger person.' I've never known What it felt like To be 'home.' Sometimes I just need to break down To tell the world I've had enough That I cannot take anymore And I want to stop feeling Everything.

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