A Flower Blooms

Hiding in empty fortresses Laid out every so often, Just so we can understand What silence sounds like. We sit and wait to catch our breath As another battle commences Right outside the door.   I struggle to find peace in a world So consumed with fighting They make things up Just to keep the... Continue Reading →

Both Were Prey

The scene was rather tragic Lines were drawn in sands Eyes were peering at one another As if both were prey. The fight costs more than lives It cost my soul Because that is what I bartered For my life.   Years later I found myself lost Wandering aimlessly towards a light I swear was... Continue Reading →

Tell Me

Fate licked the knife of betrayal While looking for a fight. We never knew when to expect it But it always happens at night. They said she's always angry Filled with all this hate. Discontent makes her feel alive My god, she dislikes to wait. Feeling fresh and clean one day She decides to take a... Continue Reading →


She's a little sadomasochist With narcissist  tendencies. They thought one day she was the symptom But she was truly the disease. Found her in a graveyard Petting a long dead cat. Lightening struck that area 20 times, But never where she sat. Crying wasn't an option She'd never pay that toll. One thing women never realize Is they are... Continue Reading →

You Aren’t Fighting the Storm

Suited up Ready for the battle Standing in the middle Of a raging storm. Thinking if you win This one battle Against this storm You are a hero to yourself. The problem is The storm is above you Where you Cannot reach. You aren't fighting the storm You fight the rain in your face The... Continue Reading →

They Cannot Take

I shot past the point of no return Blasted for what I didn't know just then. I lost the one thing I was fighting for Because I forgot just then what it was. What began as a life full of promise Soon showed its true colors to me. When you are born from a woman... Continue Reading →


It was the sound of the wind Brought me out into the dark Walked over to the terminal But refused to park. I could still feel the moisture In what was the magic of being Lost within a realm we could see Knowing nothing, but the meaning. The rocks, slippery and wet We lick them,... Continue Reading →

His Armor

His armor is the first you see You remember him as a warrior A man you don't talk down to And give way when he is coming through. People talk of his battle scars As if they were right there to see them They speak of him in circles Though hardly anyone truly knows What... Continue Reading →

Under My Armor

“That was a gruesome battle” I think to myself as I remove my clothing. Step into the shower To wash everyone’s blood off of me But mine.   A battle fit for my dear Hades Remembering all his forgotten ladies Thought to remove the crown of thorns from my head.   Laying on the field... Continue Reading →

Visit the Darkness

Sometimes I come out of my sunshine Out of the cocoon he protects me in Go running out into the storm Into the battlefield Where I used to fight. I take a deep breath in I remember the entire ordeal; The fighting and clawing The days and nights I thought would never end Yet they... Continue Reading →

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