I Am Not

I am not the wick of the candle Bearer of bad news. Fire burning in the wax Present you refuse. I am not the melting of the wax Production of all good. Sadness that represents Sculpted in wood. I am not the feast that cures your aches Nor the water that quenches thirst I am... Continue Reading →

A Man With A Mind

Secrets we hold in spades Whispering in the dark Lurking like an absence Within recesses of our minds. While we pretend not to love Because of the space between us. Souls know no distance; Love lives within us still. A man with a mind Took the very soul right out of me Then whispered beauty... Continue Reading →

I Want

Servitude, not solitude That keeps me awake at night. The constant and unending fear I'll never be Just right. Slavery, not mastery He isn't ever the boss. Quiet and unending love That never feels Like a loss. Strength in two Instead of a warrior In one. A fight I know I can win That doesn't... Continue Reading →

The Fire

He dances within the fire Flames whipping with the wind His eyes a shade of red That would frighten most. Nothing touches him When he's within the fire. He flies around Knowing he can hurt a human For days With just one sting. Nothing touches him When he flies. The crows fly in Taking what... Continue Reading →

This Forest

Pieces of you laying all over the floor Matches the blood spots Nobody seems to care about. Methods match the heartbeat Spent inside a cyclone The thoughts in your head. She loves this one But that one Inconveniences her. Smoldering fires around Dancing witches Enchanting items None of them Seem to fit you. Matches lit... Continue Reading →


You want to start the fire You'd like to throw the match Figure there is nothing lost Within what you can catch. You'd stand right there and watch me On fire and unable to flee You stand between the things I know And what I'm able to believe. The devil deals with anger God, only... Continue Reading →


She foretold of a future in danger A resurrection would take place Someone would rise from the ashes To attempt at a whole new face. This one would cry in agony When someone would admit defeat Lost are those in danger When they don't know when to retreat.   She foretold of a love that... Continue Reading →

A Woman On Fire

A burning Strong desire For truth. Her justice Comes from above; She does not carry it out. Her past; Doesn't matter. She doesn't visit it. The strings are burned off She is a woman on fire.

Always Fail

Opening a letter one night in haste They burn their bridges together Hoping neither will return To what once was lost. Embers sit in a fire That hasn't been tended In days. We wonder what keeps this going Then don't Because we are too busy. Love fades Beauty becomes age Then what do we do... Continue Reading →

I Didn’t See That

The sky was blue His eyes were brown We sat by a fire Far from town. He told jokes I laughed every time We toasted our past The lost and forgotten crime. We forgot who we were For a moment we, one We touched on romance Had some fun. Warmth of our hands Sparks from... Continue Reading →

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