Scenes of Life

Traces of what was Yet what will never be Left laying in places I don't reach for anymore. Scenes of life Playing on a screen Nobody but me Watches anymore. Tears disappear into a river A body once discovered With much discord Yet no belief. Wrap sin into a napkin Only to place it on... Continue Reading →


Written on this paper Is an enlightened deed A common bond of trust Between you and me. Written in these lines A little mindfuck occurs. I can tell you once were mine But you were also hers. I like to touch the fire It feeds an empty soul. Pain is so refreshing When you're so... Continue Reading →

I’m Yours

Wrapped in a cloak of protection Weapons scattered around the place Where most men want to see tits and ass You want to see my face. Whether we say it tonight Or never give a clue Doesn't take away from the fact I belong to you. While some are worried About checkmarks and scores I... Continue Reading →

The Moment

The moment I touch you My life will be complete. Everything I've ever wanted Right at my fingertips.   The moment I become your wife I'll have taken the vow I've wanted to take Since I knew I was waiting for you.   The moment I make love with you I give myself completely To... Continue Reading →

Go Back?

I want to go back to a simpler time When we could believe what we were told. When we would hand our heart to someone And it mattered to them. When deals were made, and confirmed With a shake of a hand. When honor Was far more popular Than betrayal. I want to go back... Continue Reading →

My Breath

Pressed between satin sheets Smells of lavender fill the air The world; Completely silent. We, are not.   Hands interlocked Holding so tightly Whispering "I'll never let you go" A hundred times.   Two battered people Know the value of true love Feel that tonight They need to consume one another Get lost in each... Continue Reading →

Fall Apart

Endless hues of green and lavender With the scent of guilt that tonight cannot crush. A feeling of endless ruins of bliss That beat any sort of restful rush. Honing along and singing a tune To the beat of 1876. When I ran past the man with a hat He hit me with his stick.... Continue Reading →

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