Please Don’t Forget Me

I am not the woman that hurt you I am not she. I would never have done that. Please don’t forget me. When all feelings have faded May I make a subtle plea? When you sit and think of yesterday, Please don’t forget me. When bodies cast shadows In places we flee.. My only request... Continue Reading →

Did You Get That?

Rumbling in the distance Makes me feel a bit more at ease. Happy I can at least hear the sound Feeling the gently wrapped breeze. Circular, not secular Like a punch in the throat. Seemingly nice to beguile Yet not quite worthy of a note. Did you get that innuendo? The one I clearly made?... Continue Reading →

Just Make Her Forget

Hold her in close to you Feed her soul with your hand. You, the hourglass She, the sand. Touch parts of her soul Nobody has ever been. Ask her the date of her birth Then write it down with a pen. Take her places she loves to go Make memories with just you two. Tell... Continue Reading →

From A Distance

Silence rips the atmosphere They said we aren't really here But all the forms of life seem to disagree. The afternoon is very still But then we all get a chill As something has forgotten that it is Spring. The dust has been settled for a very long time There is no recollection of the... Continue Reading →

What She Became

A little girl so lost in the forest Screaming for help in vain Nobody came to her that day Everything touched her like rain. He exposed her to the torture She'll never forget tonight It'll be her never ending wound In this bitter and tormenting fight.   Later in life she became a witch Put... Continue Reading →

You’ll Forget

Did you hear them say it stops hurting? That if you just walk away from her Eventually, with some time, It will all just go away?   You'll forget the way she talked The way she mispronounced your mothers name Which you knew was on purpose But never said anything.   You'll forget the night... Continue Reading →

Don’t Forget

A dangled interjection Within a point You were never able to reach. The second you realized It didn't matter anyway. A moment you lost all faith In everything you once believed To be the absolute truth. The friend that stayed up late To convince you How wrong you were. An overbearing and detached emotion You... Continue Reading →

I Swear

There are women in this world That would never cuss I'm not one of them. If you don't want a bitch Then don't be one.   Here I sit in stillness It keeps the demons at bay If you are a man, and not a boy Then let's not speak of play.   One forces... Continue Reading →


Someday you will have to let her go You will have to face the fact That you walked away from her When she needed you. You will have to stop wanting; To hear her voice See her beautiful face Touch her in places that you know Only you are. Someday you will have to convince... Continue Reading →

Trying to Forget You

My body went completely cold The moment I realized we would never be The second I realized I would never see you again Or hear you tell me that you love me. I spent much of that day crying Trying to figure out where it all went wrong Then I decided it was time to... Continue Reading →

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