My Personal Declaration

Open your heart To everything.. Love Everyone.. Stand up Even if you stand alone. Cry When you need to. Say the words You need to say to someone Because tomorrow May never happen. Make love to her Every part of her Because she may need that And if you are feeling it Then do it.... Continue Reading →

Take Their Turn

There was the writer So lost and angry He couldn't think his way out Of the art galleries He loved to write about. His pen wrote of love Very little of anything else Yet he couldn't find his heart For the life of him.   Then the artist So consumed in his own demise He... Continue Reading →

Come, Sit With Me

Come here to me Sit down on this bench. Breathe in the air of forgiveness Let me tell you about the past 9 years I barely survived Without you. Let me tell you how broken I got How completely lost I was How I never thought I would ever forgive you For leaving me.  ... Continue Reading →

Forgive Me

I feel so broken sometimes Wonder how anyone could want me Then there is you Says they do Sometimes I go right along with it Sometimes I get frustrated Torn Between what I need What I want And Who I am. It would be so easy To jump into a defensive mode just then You... Continue Reading →

Tonight She Will Get Drunk

There will be 364 nights of this year She can be your queen Answer all your questions Coherently. Tonight will not be one of those nights Tonight, she will get drunk.   Forces blow in from the West Ones she was never able to tame She'd say she had forgotten the score But she didn't... Continue Reading →

He Would Still Love Me

If I went to my knees before him Promising to obey his every command. Or wrote this beautiful prose But nothing went as planned.   If suddenly the wind rose up To take everything away I woke up in a frightful mood And wanted to run away.   If everything grew to a tornado He... Continue Reading →


As thoroughly as the water washes it away Hope always brings it right back. The tender mercy of death Won't even come to me when I ask. I rode through a field so fast once Upon a black horse I called perseverance. Two animals, untamed and unbridled Left gasping for air when it was all... Continue Reading →

The Arch of Forgiveness

I kneel on a beach hitting at the water Screaming for revenge From a God that won't give it to me. Years ago it happened Though talking to me You would think it was last week. Forgiveness is an arch It begins slow Until you reach the top. Then you begin to realize it is... Continue Reading →

Fall Apart

Endless hues of green and lavender With the scent of guilt that tonight cannot crush. A feeling of endless ruins of bliss That beat any sort of restful rush. Honing along and singing a tune To the beat of 1876. When I ran past the man with a hat He hit me with his stick.... Continue Reading →


We were an afterthought at one time When we suddenly came apart. Like a lemon sitting on top of a cake Tacky, and a bit tart. Neither of us scream our accomplishments Or yell about our abilities. We take what we can of our love from the pile First through the woods, then the trees.... Continue Reading →

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