Wandering around Looking at faces Wondering if anyone cares. Lost in the abyss Of life Sometimes smiling Sometimes so lost I don't know If I'll ever be found Again.

On The Shore

Found with dust particles Nowhere Yet everywhere. The seen The unseen. The found The lost. We fit in molds Easily. Most of us discarded Like waste. She found a shoe once on a hill Climbing for days she was lost. The smell of freedom finally came to her So again, did the frost. Built a... Continue Reading →


He peeled away layers of me, In seconds. Told me he would reach for the stars If I wanted one. Swore to me he would never leave And I believed him. This isn't sorcery Not a trick of the mind Or a slight of hand. He promised fields of ivory Seas blue as the sky... Continue Reading →

I Found The Lost

I found the lost While lost myself. All of us Fighting a war We didn't want to fight. I found the lost To be my saviors. They lift you up Because they don't want you to feel The way they do, just now. I found the lost Because they found me.

Sometimes I’m Right

There are times that I'm right Some times that I'm wrong. There are times that I'm so weak Some times that I'm strong. I know what to say In just the right time I know how to write I know how to rhyme. There are men that I love Men that I hate Some I... Continue Reading →

What I’m Looking For

The waves crashed relentlessly Against the boat I kept as a trophy Of my unrelenting quest. Storms made the seas rough I stand at the bow ready for everything Taking on the rain The waves Nothing phases me.   For hours the ship is tossed around I'm finally seated Because standing against the wind Was... Continue Reading →

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