Meant to Be

Maybe I was meant to go through all this You were meant to go through it But not together So we could come out of it stronger. Maybe I was meant to deal with this On my own In my own way So I could become The friend you need The sister you need.  ... Continue Reading →

Do You Wander With Angels?

Transfixed by that which is clairvoyant, Leaning glass against the wall. We search endlessly for that first kiss But then we want them all. Fought endlessly for truth Justice paid the price. I'd tell you it all got better But I'm really not that nice. Trees obscure a view for me I was left alone... Continue Reading →


There are monsters afoot They are everywhere You can't possibly kill them all. Some you will sit and have dinner with Fall madly in love with Then realize what they are. Some you will text Until they say something terrible Or somehow remind you Of what they are. Some you will raise From birth To... Continue Reading →


The sun rose over the mountains The grass had tender dew Her feet touched the earth Everything was beautiful. A friend came over to say hello They sat and had coffee Talked and laughed about their past It was beautiful. He came over to take her out They planned lunch together Then a nice walk... Continue Reading →


He leans back on the bar Not really looking all that clever But everyone seems to like him Maybe he has something nobody can see.   He didn't like the hunch He didn't like to fuck He really didn't like the things She said to him in the truck. He didn't like the bitch in her... Continue Reading →

He Feels Like

A soft fall on a pillow After a long day at work Comforting And always there. A long drive When I just want to get away From all the noise Of my life. A hard drink After a terrible day Sitting with a friend That doesn't judge Anything I say. He feels like all that.... Continue Reading →

Pernicious Beauty

The sun peeks into the window Upon her naked body To warm her; She greets it with a smile.   Most find her so charming So sociable and amicable Like an angel; A true friend to all.   Others see the darkness in her They know what she thinks Or have been privy to her... Continue Reading →

He offered truth and strength to me I answered with my pride. Every time we lay the deal down My past and his future collide. Embers are dying around us While we try to fan the flame. Within us all is a fierce regulation With nothing good to gain. Armor cracks and skin can slice... Continue Reading →

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