There are monsters afoot They are everywhere You can't possibly kill them all. Some you will sit and have dinner with Fall madly in love with Then realize what they are. Some you will text Until they say something terrible Or somehow remind you Of what they are. Some you will raise From birth To... Continue Reading →

Then I Fell In Love

Windy, like a storm was coming Not once did I feel like running Everything seemed as it was supposed to be. Shortened, like a burning candle Me, he can finally handle Now we are both lost in a love we enjoy. Smart, like this bag of tricks Strong, like unbending sticks We both know what... Continue Reading →


I had my nightclothes on So I slipped on my robe Drove over to his house Knocked on the door. He wasn't expecting me I had never come over this late.   His brown eyes were weary Of a long day he had. I told him I just wanted to come in And no, I... Continue Reading →

I've Lost Me

Somewhere within my desire to know the truth And my inability to accept it. Between every "I love you" And my misconception of what that really meant. Between what brought me to where I am today And the anger over being there. Between what I believe to be left of me And everything anyone ever... Continue Reading →

Rain pours down upon my head As I continue my path East. Marching along to find a friend Lost in an argument and a feast. Feeling quite withered and betrayed Upon a log I sit. Thinking of why I even walk To simply wade through all this shit. The one I seek reminded me always... Continue Reading →

We began a beautiful friendship Built on trust and honesty We didn't require walls Our love has never required defense. We speak when our hearts want to hear one another Or when life Gets a little tough on us, When our souls have had enough And desperately want one another. We whisper in winds Meant... Continue Reading →

My pen leaks empathy in a world that lacks conscience. My life is a battlefield an organic imposed reliance. Years of forced smiles taught me nothing but to be fake. Where happiness I could not find my inner strength they could not take. Fire shot up all around me from a past I could not... Continue Reading →

Death takes those we love Too quickly. Like greedy hands Reaching out Taking something That isn't theirs to take. Tonight I sit here With my candle lit Missing you. I remember your laugh Smile The way you never sat down Until all the women did. Two days before you died You called me We chatted... Continue Reading →

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