Simple Little Pleasures We Seek

I knew you wouldn't stay; You humans never do, Although you may know many You are loyal to just a few. I knew I'd be a burden; Far too much for you, Simple little pleasures we seek We'd found, if only we knew. I knew I wouldn't be enough; Like a piece of dry toast.... Continue Reading →


I wore the polish just like he wanted The red panties, he wanted me to wear He'd say I could just come and get him But he wasn't really anywhere.   Bought the house so he'd see I was settled Maybe even make me his wife. Trials and tribulations abound In this ever changing life.... Continue Reading →


He gathers up the bricks From his last relationship. Some were worn and broken Yet even more were in so many pieces You couldn't tell one brick from the other, Yet he spent years gathering them; Tenderly taking care of each one, Guarding them Protecting them So nobody can take any Or move any. He... Continue Reading →

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