I Honor My Brother

I honor my Christian brother On his knees every morning Praying to his God for his day He has been blessed with. I honor my Muslim brother In these trying times Where people confuse you For the wrongdoings of others. Where your religion has been slandered By those that would do harm Where you would... Continue Reading →

We Prayed

We prayed for the soldier Fighting a war he didn't start. We prayed for the woman That lacks a compassionate heart. We prayed for the homeless Lost, and all alone. We prayed for the woman Who is waiting anxiously by the phone. We prayed for the angels We know are out there somewhere. We prayed... Continue Reading →

I Got My Hope Back

Lost one day to treason Then stood defiant at the cost You may know the score by now But you've no idea what I lost. When I gathered the material to rebuild Life stole it all away Like humanity has a terrible price That somehow I had to pay. Healed one day in a garden... Continue Reading →

There Are Angels

Clutching a beating heart Within the hands that brought them fate She reveals her wings to him in darkness Though honestly, we have no halo. What could bring you your greatest love Can crush you into hardly anything Without notice or apprehension.   Our greatest tool we have in life Is our honor, and our... Continue Reading →

You Tried

Like a dropped piece of paper on the ground The one you decide doesn't need to be picked up just now That was me.  An entire family made it their life mission To prove to me, and themselves That I was worthless.  You just didn't think it through That maybe it's not biology  Maybe it's... Continue Reading →

My Vow

So much more than honor and cherish; When you have no breath I will breathe for you. When words will not come out I will speak for you. When you cannot see anything I will describe everything to you. When you cannot feel anything I will touch everything for you. When you no longer have... Continue Reading →

Owns This Land

There is a war going on Not the one the media wants you to see But the one behind the lines Behind the pictures Behind the scenes. It isn't over religion Or oil Greed Money Envy.. It is over entitlement Who has the most pure blood? Who truly owns this land?   I have news... Continue Reading →


He Or she The creator of everything; Plant Animal Life. We Male Or female Made in the image Of our creator. It is no wonder We all posses the gift To create Ourselves.

Why Did You Give Up?

What if your God wanted to know Why you gave up Instead of anything else? What if he asked you At what point in your life You decided nothing was worth it And you gave up fighting For what you wanted?   What if he wanted to know Why you didn't forgive Like he does?... Continue Reading →


Two huge gates in front of me, as I defiantly turn my head to see what is to the left and right. Slowly I push a gate open and a town is revealed, the lights are beautiful, and it is night. Follow the path ahead of me, only getting distracted once or twice There isn't... Continue Reading →

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