The Weed

Quietly a seed is planted In a garden full of weeds Noxious and overbearing. The seed sprouts and begin growing Sometimes being overtaken By a weed. The owner of this garden Doesn't tend it Just hopes he can have one flower Amongst all these weeds. The senses overtake reason sometimes It feels like failure strangles... Continue Reading →

Welcome To Hidden Valley

Eyes piercing the ground Her mind, barely hanging on by a thread Unable to compete with the demons That are now taking over Because somewhere Somehow She lost faith in herself And everything else.   Hope stands outside To open the door to those Broken by life It opens With force Not pushing you in;... Continue Reading →

The World I Went Into

It was a land long forgotten Just on the edges of reason But where sanity took the front seat And reality, the back. A path I had taken hundreds of times So many that nary a weed grew on it A place where I didn't have to think About anything I didn't want to. This... Continue Reading →

Happy Alone

At first it is euphoric; The feeling of being completely alone. You jump on the bed Eat crackers in it Hog the entire thing Leave it unmade for a day Or three.   Then years go by You've done everything alone For years.   You begin to think there is something wrong with you That... Continue Reading →

Indignant Trust

Write this on a blank piece of paper: Every feeling the name of the last person you talked to gives you Whether it is decent, or indecent Tragic or wonderful Loving, or filled with hate Write it down.   Standing in the middle of a field That produces no crop Contains no smell at all... Continue Reading →

The Pain

The world bulges As we continue to thrive At the demise Of everything. It wasn't the fall From grace That hurt. It was everything I did To me Afterward. Shame seals doors for us As guilt cleans up the mess We claim we are better off Yet we cannot handle the stress. We cling to... Continue Reading →

I Want To Know Who I Am

I walk on this path So hard to take Sometimes I’m the leaves Sometimes the rake. I want to run But I don’t know where Something abounds I feel so unaware. I want to taste the fresh sea Then climb some rocks Take pictures of follies Then put on some socks. I’d like to stand... Continue Reading →

The Path He Lit For Me

Freedom comes to those who search For within us all is the power to choose. Some of us face the light and win Some of us fall from grace and lose.   I stumble around in the hallway Forgetting my bedroom is behind me Wanting to forget everything about life But there isn't enough 'drunk'... Continue Reading →

For The Love of Everything

Sinking in  a feeling I cannot resolve I sit staring at the one thing that I broke Wondering if maybe I can put it back together The way it was before I made such a terrible mistake.   My life carries a burden That I've handed over to someone greater than me It is almost... Continue Reading →

Have You Ever Been A Bird?

Close your eyes and you can feel the wind Surround you like your greatest friend All the while your feet are on the ground.   They say I am the dangerous one But I swear it is all for fun Any fool can get lost inside a dream.   Excuse me for disconnecting your call... Continue Reading →

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