When You Can’t

When you can't let go of him Yet your fears fail to let you breathe. When you can't forget his touch Because it was everything to you. When the smile on his face Is the best thing you've ever seen In your life. When his love Is your world.   When you can't stop thinking... Continue Reading →

Let Me Be Your Star

Climb into my window Then onto my bed I want you to undress me Before anything is said. We don't need an introduction I already know who you are. Come let it rain on me Let me be your star. Face me in the moonlight So you can see what I have to please. A... Continue Reading →

The Hand That Touched Me

It is almost as if there are two parts of me One that everyone else talks to And the part that he talks to. When he  speaks to me It is directly to my heart It passes no gate. Today I spoke to him After not hearing from him For months. It was as if... Continue Reading →

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