When You Can’t

When you can't let go of him Yet your fears fail to let you breathe. When you can't forget his touch Because it was everything to you. When the smile on his face Is the best thing you've ever seen In your life. When his love Is your world.   When you can't stop thinking... Continue Reading →

Both Hands

There are some things You can simply glance at; Take notice of But never follow through with. Your faith Your love You should hold onto With both hands.  

Naked in Darkness

Teeth are for biting Nails for scratching Words are for love Let nothing distract us. Swaying to music To undress my mind Clothes begin to fall In darkness. Everything stops For the moment. There are no deadlines We aren't waiting for anything Nobody is calling Because our phones Are shut off. We are lost in... Continue Reading →


Trace your fingers across lines of me Slowly take in every part of what makes me The woman I am today. Breathe in the scent of me Know me by the smell of my skin Instead of by the look in my eye. Fill every void with the love you posses Guard every voice that... Continue Reading →

Here in the Rain

Stand with me Barren Alone Say nothing Not even a whisper. Let your eyes And your hands Say everything.   Let our bodies Dance to a rhythm Only you and I can hear.   Make no promises No demands Just stand here In the rain with me Until I figure out Whether I can give... Continue Reading →

Like Hands

Like hands held up to the sky Praising whatever being they like. I lie in the sand and watch the clouds roll by With nobody disturbing me at all. I wonder sometimes, if he has found a bird That sings a song Nearly as beautiful as the one we sang When we were together And... Continue Reading →

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