He Only Sees Me

You can flash a smile his way He may even see you do it. But when you try to speak to him It'll be lacking any wit. Corners nor distance deter him He's bound by matters of the heart. We did everything so beautifully From the very start. He is red to my blue A... Continue Reading →

Blur of Necessity

He says he whispers to me in the darkness But he doesn't remember what he said. His life is a blur of necessity He can't get me out of his head. Love comes in little pieces With every part of me he sees. He looks at every one intently They are beautiful, he believes. I'm... Continue Reading →

You Tried

Like a dropped piece of paper on the ground The one you decide doesn't need to be picked up just now That was me.  An entire family made it their life mission To prove to me, and themselves That I was worthless.  You just didn't think it through That maybe it's not biology  Maybe it's... Continue Reading →

My Dress

The wind blows my dress up Just slightly to the side. Some look at my legs Others try to see more But little do they know There is so much more of me.   Sometimes I'm the scars on my body Aching at the touch Or even the thought Of being touched. Sometimes I am... Continue Reading →

The Perfect Wife

She did everything exceptionally well As well as completely by the book. She darned his socks Gracious to his mother Screwed him blind every night Cooked excellent meals Cleaned up after him Worked all day long. So when the hammer fell Crashing her world completely apart She was left wondering What the hell she did... Continue Reading →

Two swords meet in battle One anger; One love. Both ends of the spectrum circumventing one another for years Now meet today. There is a middle ground Called peace They stand on it While fighting. The air is full of passion Unrelenting, and unforgiving Someone will need to die today To put this war at... Continue Reading →

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