Because He Lied

Threw a rock into the river of silence, When a storm didn't pass. Took the force of dignity to a new level When I told him to kiss my ass. Worried when I was told the truth That it was a lie instead. Stole what I could of integrity Though dying, wouldn't take a piece... Continue Reading →

Back in Time

There was a time when the wind blew through the trees You could chase it down like a child grasping at a balloon. When the sun would warm your face Send shivers down your skin in warm delight. Remembering the past didn't make you feel afraid Of what the future might bring to you.  ... Continue Reading →

He Only Sees Me

You can flash a smile his way He may even see you do it. But when you try to speak to him It'll be lacking any wit. Corners nor distance deter him He's bound by matters of the heart. We did everything so beautifully From the very start. He is red to my blue A... Continue Reading →

I Carried The Silence

A cloak of darkness surrounds me My mind melds within him. Arms wrapped around What was left of ourselves. Once when I turned to riddles That turned out to be My escape. Unsure of what yours was But it certainly wasn't Enough of a distraction.   Where I carried the silence, You carried the sound. Where I... Continue Reading →


Seasoned, like a piece of meat Ready to be put to the test. Honor is such a crazy word We Americans use in jest. Forcing the hands of others Taken with ruthless force We hand the enemy the weapon So it is their fault, of course.   Hands tell a story Of a long forgotten... Continue Reading →

Forget to Breathe

Sitting in a comfortable home Thoughts swirling in my head My anchor is long gone Yet he remains In my heart. I sit with a pen Tapping it on my notebook Wishing for one minute with him But right now All I can do Is sit and write of our love What all he means... Continue Reading →


An unwritten rule about love Sends scores to their death every year. You can succumb to the feelings of the heart But let us not forget It is but an organ That can die Like the feelings He swears he has for you. A senseless reaction Is a crime to behold When we succumb To... Continue Reading →


It's a beautiful fragrance of fog Mixed with the daily musings of humans Doing what they do All day long. I prefer this; Alone. When trials are tough When I don't know where I stand When life is too much of a challenge for me When a decision must be made I go somewhere Nowhere... Continue Reading →

Then I Fell In Love

Windy, like a storm was coming Not once did I feel like running Everything seemed as it was supposed to be. Shortened, like a burning candle Me, he can finally handle Now we are both lost in a love we enjoy. Smart, like this bag of tricks Strong, like unbending sticks We both know what... Continue Reading →

To Abdicate

The lights and sirens were silent and dark When crept in a monstrous doubt. We seek, we yearn, we know the truth But we must never, ever shout. There were things left unsaid Like I shouldn't have caught the stone What was I supposed to do When you decided to abdicate the throne? Whispers are... Continue Reading →

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