Welcome To Our Heaven

Soft, swirling emotions We couldn't even begin To describe. Our lives, Parallel. Soft sheets welcome us To our heaven.   Hands grasping at forever Holding truths known only to us. Softness gives way to need A sanctity, without fuss. Bodies giving in to one another The urge rising by the day. Hope is the wave... Continue Reading →

Not Quite Enough

He believes I have fallen from heaven I still have the halo upon my head. You think I’d take the entire world And make it all dead. He thinks I’ve hung the moon In a perfect balance of nature. You think I’d rip it apart And call it ‘my little adventure.’ He thinks I could... Continue Reading →

The Tragedy of Truth

What a tragedy it can be, The truth. Haunting or revealing, Exciting or debilitating, You can get lost in it Or found from it. It can be a little spark in you Or be the kind of fire People talk about For generations. It can make her want you Desperately Or want to run from... Continue Reading →

From The Moment

From the minute she was able to She withdrew the feelings of concern. Everything to a back seat To the stars and heaven above.   From the moment freedom came to her She was able to discern Right wrong, or indifferrent Sang very different tunes To a lady acutely aware Of the outcome.


Two huge gates in front of me, as I defiantly turn my head to see what is to the left and right. Slowly I push a gate open and a town is revealed, the lights are beautiful, and it is night. Follow the path ahead of me, only getting distracted once or twice There isn't... Continue Reading →

Heaven Can Wait

You'll have to wait for me I'm not ready yet Death will have to take a back seat To everything I need to do. There are children that require my attention Many deeds I've left undone Words I haven't spoken yet People I have yet to touch With my hands Not my words.   Heaven... Continue Reading →

Voices From The Past

Hidden within depths Nobody can see from anywhere Though some have never cared to look. An absolutely disproportionate arrangement Between what was yesterday And what is today When really we should only concern ourselves With right now.   He was the captain of the ship A rocky road was ahead So he shouted to all... Continue Reading →

Between Heaven & Hell

The most magnanimous proposal came from the mayor The hefty one you always see seated in a chair He said he was happy I could show up Then handed me a tainted cup. Knowing there was no wine for the feast Decisions were made to overthrow the beast.   Concocted in a brilliant design We... Continue Reading →

Heaven and Hell

So many beliefs about heavenSo many fears about hell.People imagine a gate at heavenYet hell remains unmanned and easy to enter.If that were trueDon't you think jail would have easy access in and outIce cream parlors would have guards and gates? Heaven is your first cup of coffee in the morningHell is spilling the entire cup... Continue Reading →

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