This Forest

Pieces of you laying all over the floor Matches the blood spots Nobody seems to care about. Methods match the heartbeat Spent inside a cyclone The thoughts in your head. She loves this one But that one Inconveniences her. Smoldering fires around Dancing witches Enchanting items None of them Seem to fit you. Matches lit... Continue Reading →

Talk About It

I don't want to go over All the tedious details Or hear what you will Or will not Do to me. I don't want you to tell me How much you want me Or how much You want to be with me. I would assume If you wanted it Half as much as you say... Continue Reading →


Lost or found Nobody knows which All they know Is there she was Surrounded by rocks Salt had been thrown on her She was screaming Though nobody could understand What she was saying. People just shook their heads Left her there Alone Naked And screaming. Probably thinking She'll be the problem of someone else. They... Continue Reading →

I Don't Want To Be Here

Sitting at the train station Waiting for someone Yet I don't know who. I don't want to be here.   At the ocean The lighthouse peers out Looking for something I don't want to be here.   Standing in line Behind many people That are much more patient I don't want to be here.  ... Continue Reading →

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