On Top

Shields are so heavy, when dripping with the sweat of the poor survivor holding it. Sins are so burdensome when pulled like rotting teeth out of your head. Love is never precarious or questionable, it is the answer to a question you never asked. Houses are only as strong as the people that reside in... Continue Reading →

Vapid Veracity

Vapid Veracity holding down a mile Sinful Salaciousness that makes a woman smile. Half cocked and heartless speed Nobody did it, but they all blamed greed. Hidden within a secret repose We shortly combed the truth, I suppose. A dragon came with earnest speed And I, have finally done the amative deed. Dangerous quotes that... Continue Reading →

Deep within the recesses of reality Hidden between lines of text That nobody could possibly understand Are the faces of those we chose to pretend are not there. Human souls are trapped within boxes That those that make too much money Control completely A moment of wasted time they will never get back. Those of... Continue Reading →

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