I Don’t Think of Him

I don't have to worry about where he is Who he is talking to Where he has been. I don't have to think about what to say If he's heard it before Or if he believes me. I don't have to worry About the things I do Or where I'm going. I don't even think... Continue Reading →

My Life Is Over

The rough edges are smooth now Water runs down where it was once pooled. All the elements are forming alliances The asses have been fooled. The past is up on shelves Neatly dusted yet ignored. I had fun for a little while But then I got really bored. Sat lazily in my room Watching the... Continue Reading →


I long for him So badly sometimes I would walk away From everything I've known From people I care about Even if all he did Was kiss my cheek And send me back home.   I love him more Than I could even Begin to describe. It is more powerful Than anything I've ever felt... Continue Reading →


It's a beautiful fragrance of fog Mixed with the daily musings of humans Doing what they do All day long. I prefer this; Alone. When trials are tough When I don't know where I stand When life is too much of a challenge for me When a decision must be made I go somewhere Nowhere... Continue Reading →

Then I Fell In Love

Windy, like a storm was coming Not once did I feel like running Everything seemed as it was supposed to be. Shortened, like a burning candle Me, he can finally handle Now we are both lost in a love we enjoy. Smart, like this bag of tricks Strong, like unbending sticks We both know what... Continue Reading →

You Don’t Have Him

He may smile at you Even want to get you undressed And into his bed. He may touch you Look deeply into your eyes Tell you he wants you. He may say a thousand things A thousand different ways But tonight it will be different.   Tonight he'll get on the phone with me When... Continue Reading →

All I Saw

When I walked into the room I knew this place was not for me. Too many hands reaching out For things I would never give. None of them wanted the prized possession; Just a temporary release A moment of time to ease their mind So they could move on To the next one.   As... Continue Reading →

But Him

Laying in a muddy pasture Beautiful white flowing dress Rain falling down all over her While the dress changes to a soothing brown Slowly. She closes her eyes And thinks of nothing But him.

What I Wanted

It was a dangerous liason Filled with forbidden temptation Which is exactly what I wanted. He cast this light out to guide me They were like stones Illuminating a path. When I got there He immediately knew what to do Which is another thing I love about him. When he was done Showing me Who... Continue Reading →

Where Did You Find That?

He brought a little piece Of my soul back. It was wrapped in this beautiful cloth Gently he laid it in my hand As I stood there Looking at him Wondering where in the world He found this?   He has never told me.

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