Afternoon Delight

Fall rains on our bodies On our faces As we sit talking Like nothing happening around us Matters at all. I listen to your stories Captivated in them Pretending I was there Seeing Smelling Touching What you did. I pretend you loved me then That all your life You only loved me. In this moment... Continue Reading →


I had the most beautiful dream He came right into my house While I was cooking dinner Told me to stop what I was doing That he was taking me away from all this He instructed me to pack my bags Then put me into the car And we drove For hours Talking about everything... Continue Reading →

You Will Never Have Him

You may have all the riches in the world More money than anyone on Forbes Drive the most expensive machines Have people at your beck and call Doing everything for you. Or you could be the most beautiful woman With men falling at your feet Giving you expensive presents to get your attention So many... Continue Reading →


He is the most beautiful storm in the perfect time of day Where you have nowhere to go, so you can sit and listen to it pour. He is the tender leaf on a newly formed plant That you know will become something beautiful someday. He is that piece of sand that gets trapped That... Continue Reading →

A Piece Of Him

If you look ever so closely Through this magnifying glass You will see pieces of us Parts we've dropped along the way. I may never convince him Maybe never regain his trust But I will always love him Even while he holds another.   Time is a fragrance we don't forget Love is a song... Continue Reading →

When he whispers He speaks directly to my soul. It's deeper than "He understands me" Or "He makes me happy." His voice Soothes my soul. His presence Makes everything I've gone through Seem somehow worth it Because he wanted a woman Who could withstand Adapt Overcome. I cannot possibly tell you what he means to... Continue Reading →

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