Series of Events

The darkness within the storm That comes in the midst of terror You'll never know if the reflection is of you Or it all just a simple error. Criss cross applesauce I thought you settled the score? Presence taught us all the lesson Until you referred to the lady as a whore. Touching breasts in... Continue Reading →

Their Version of Reality

I completely ruined Their version of reality With the truth.   Firstly, she was a product Of what was a momentary lapse She twisted version of events in her mind Until her lies and truth collapse.   Nobody believed her stories Everyone just rolled their eyes They knew if she was speaking It was probably... Continue Reading →

Darkness took the air one night I had already angered the beast. Wondering if I had taken it too far Or if he was still coming to the feast? I decided I would begin the war He wanted so badly to fight. Thinking I would start during the day Because he has an advantage at... Continue Reading →

Aboard a ship is my crew, I've sequestered for a fight. I'm tired of hearing of disparages, and won't let it go another night. My list of nationalities is long, we'll be in this one a while. We're taking all the politicians to the ground, without the lengthy trial. I've chosen countries that have been... Continue Reading →

We told him to be a hero To rush out and kill people That would do harm to our nation Are trying to take our freedoms away from us! "Rush out there with a gun soldier Kill everyone Be merciless!" And you will be an American hero! We provide him with the gun Clothing Food... Continue Reading →

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