Maybe you found something wonderful In a world where few people do. Listened a little too closely to negativity Or to what someone screamed at you. Maybe you changed your mind Decided to walk away The thought of forever lingering When you promised you would stay. Maybe honesty isn't your strong suit Lying sometimes is... Continue Reading →

The Truth

Can you pull shadows from the wall And make them dance in the rain? Take a few pieces of sand Make me a beautiful train? I've found I don't like the flow of a river Can you make it change its course? I trek a long and senseless path dear sir Would you mind if... Continue Reading →

The Very Next

The very next man I touch Will feel it; Not just on his skin, But in his soul. He'll know I'm there He'll know, I want him There will be no doubt. The very next man I love I will never let go of, And I will tell him, Show him How much I love... Continue Reading →

Sweeter Than Life

I raised the bar Set it high Reached within Then began to try.   Stole a sword from a serpent That took a life from me He began retreating comfortably Then took his time to flee.   While dressed in white one day Took a long walk along a beach Found the most precious stone... Continue Reading →

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