The Park

A moment that would live in infamy; The two of us sitting in the park. I was dreaming of a life I desperately wanted to have Because I had forgotten about my mark. I begged you to understand Kept asking "can we?" The little girl deep inside of me Desperately wanted a family. Asking, begging,... Continue Reading →

Pieces of Ourselves

We broke ourselves into pieces Strewn out all over the floor So nobody Not a single soul Could have all of us. We cried tears That filled lakes Emptied our souls of every Hurt We ever felt On everyone. We ache sometimes A pitiful ache that nobody Could possibly understand The one that hurts So... Continue Reading →

I Wish

I wish I knew what toxic really meant To keep her far from harm. I wish I knew the words that were spewed Upon that dangerous farm. I wish I could have kept her safe From terrible words and deeds. I wish I could have tended to her; Taken care of all her needs. Now... Continue Reading →

I Am Not

I am not your hero darling Never claimed to be. Within the ball of trust you hold Does not contain me. I am not the candle on your table I'll never be your flame. With dignity comes multitude of trust And I just can't play that game. I am not the angel on your shoulder... Continue Reading →

Your Valentine

Blood dripping from the end of my sword Like words falling from your lips. Atrocity is what falls in line When we stand at the station waiting for ships. Trying to write this loving poem All I can think about is your eyes If I poked them out with a fork Could you "feel" the... Continue Reading →

Cat & Mouse

It's a game of cat and mouse Hide and seek Where is he at? Does he like me? Will I notice his motives? Try to run away? If I do, he certainly won't follow It's just a game to play. Flirt a little Then ignore Days on end "There's the door!" Maybe I won't notice... Continue Reading →

All About Me

I was flying right along in life When it suddenly occurred to me That everything people were saying was the truth. I can be bitter like the cold hard wind And soft like a blanket and gin Or hard little a bitter cold truth. I can be fake like your mother in law Stable like... Continue Reading →

I Miss You

The one that chose the boar The pig, hyena, the swine. What comes before the end of the rush Is most certainly the wine. He's the one that took the name Then scattered it around. Sometimes we lose ourselves Because we never want to be found. Silence took my atmosphere Tears were my relief Sat... Continue Reading →

She’s Lonely

Do you ever wonder why a woman Would stand upon this ledge? Looking down at certain death Gives the lady an undeniable edge. Now as she sits upon the throne With nobody sitting beside.. She wonders if maybe she lost it all To her never ending pride? Now she's lonely like the cut you got... Continue Reading →

Between Breaths

Slowly he sings to me in praises I don't quite take in Then wander through a path I didn't ask for, or intend to go on. Always when he comes to me it is in just the right moment for both Yet understood I cannot communicate complete satisfaction with this. Maybe in another life I'll... Continue Reading →

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