Nobody Keeping Score

It was visceral, no cerebral There wasn't anyone keeping score. A spark held in a moment spent in eternity That would melt most to their core. Lace on skin so tightly entwined Yet not enough to entice. Could I possibly get you to dance with me? Or would a simple text suffice? Vexing is the... Continue Reading →

Poisonous Thunder

Gracious is the faithful one That bleeds nothing but the sin, Honor bound and ever so vigilant Until the lies begin. Crying tears of pride in a shout That entwined within its prey, All seems really good this time Until dignity comes out to play. He takes a step towards liberty But trips on failure... Continue Reading →

Maybe the Next Lady

He gave a snail the power to love But didn’t calm or move the seas. Power fell from between his feet So he had to raise his fees. Many ladies like his kind The words that he spews. I happen to think that action is better If a lady gets to choose. I tire of... Continue Reading →


Sometimes you need to sit Quietly in the room they left you Picking up pieces of yourself Lost When they not only forgot who you were But never Not once Remembered your value. Sometimes you need to scream At everyone For everything. Because the lie you were fed; The lie Forced down your throat Was... Continue Reading →


When you open the wound To show him Explain to him How much it hurt, The damage it caused you And your life.   When you show him The woman you became From the pain And anguish Of this wound.   He doesn't recoil Back peddle Or hesitate. He inspects the wound Touches the edges... Continue Reading →

Never Again

His trust broken By someone He believed in. Boundaries pushed Beyond what anyone Could withstand.   Now as someone new Stands before him Wanting everything From him.. Everything, Absolutely everything Inside of him Says "Never again."

Within Him

There was never a question for me Just unending answers from him. What life spoiled for me He made right. We walked together in darkness Because I wanted to show him parts of me Everyone else hated. I wanted him to know everything Inside of me; Behind the dusty curtains Deep within the walls Where... Continue Reading →

In A Crowd

Standing alone in a crowd Begging forgiveness from those Whose life means nothing To the one standing at the gallows. Unrelenting details of life That death wouldn't keep track of. Unsteady on her feet She begs to stop everything; But nothing stops.   The burning ache within Holds itself accountable For all she lost Nothing she... Continue Reading →

Will It Stop Raining?

In a second of infinite glory A match was lit within. What began as something I trusted Ended being my indelible sin. I woke one morning with scars With a knife, I could not remove. Bleeding from wounds I caused myself Now I had something to prove. Doubt made all my decisions But hate settled... Continue Reading →

There Has To Be A Man

One moment she wants to save herself The next she doesn't know how. One man thinks she's a queen The other, a cow. In an instant she can be shattered Pieces all over the floor. The next she's showing a creep Directly to the door. Sometimes she forgets He tore her heart apart. It's like... Continue Reading →

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