Too Late

The moment you realize you love him Years too late; After he has married Had children Living happily in his home With his family. You're too late.   The instant you realize it's a robbery A woman lays bleeding on the floor And you remember Right then That you have a gun in your purse.... Continue Reading →

She Was

In a moment of complete clarity The thoughts began entering his head That she was the one Meant for him. He was told At the very last moment of his life This one woman From 30 years ago Was the answer To every question he ever asked. The dream He wished would come true. The... Continue Reading →

Once We Touched Glass

It was shattered all over the floor, We bent down to grab a piece It made us bleed. We wandered around Trying to figure out How to fix it, Yet every time we tried We were bleeding again.   Once we touched glass It made us leery Of ever touching it again.   We stand... Continue Reading →


I make danger appear overnight; While the shadows cast darkness on walls Nobody wants to see. Fulfill fantasy in lieu of tragedy Formed in the minds of those That have no ability to ascend. Summon the deepest parts of myself To endure the faithless To the edge of reason. Endure the pain that comes From... Continue Reading →

Plan What?

Having your true love Right there, Yet she doesn't really want you, So you taunt another. The other, plan B, Feeds your ego Makes you feel wanted Makes you feel loved, But you don't really want her, Unless your true love Doesn't quite work out. You play the game Until plan B Realizes who you... Continue Reading →


Wandering down this path That now reeks of gold. Smelling flowers along the way Watching all good, unfold. Seeing love blossom before me In a tangled mess of apprehension. You could barely count the cost Or cut the tension. But my life improved dramatically Since the day you said goodbye. Everything just fell into place... Continue Reading →

He’s Too Much

Sniveling about the price The drive, the cost It doesn't matter to him Everything she suddenly lost. Hope reached into her one night In the back of a truck With what was a magical kiss Maybe a little bit of luck. Then his excuses began He already got the prize Why worry about her feelings... Continue Reading →

He Doesn’t Know

He didn't feel the heartbreak He doesn't know what you lost. Doesn't understand the price of pain Nor everything it cost. He doesn't know you are damaged How you fell to your knees in vain. He doesn't know that every time you think of love It only reminds you of pain. He didn't see the... Continue Reading →

The World Stopped

I was going to put up something funny Maybe a conversation that I was in. Sat wondering which one I'd use And where I would begin. Then Facebook asked me If I'd be your friend I saw a picture of you. The world stopped, I sat staring Nobody even knew. I'm probably the only one... Continue Reading →

She Thinks

There are moments she thinks nothing at all Then something happens in life In her beautiful Unfettered life. Then she thinks about the people She remembers the fall That one time, with him She knew she had it all. She thinks about the sunshine About the crazy amounts of sex That one time She got... Continue Reading →

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