A Life Anew

Began to remove bits of chain Beginning with sanctification The hallucination of purification That answered all creation. Then lost the way a time or two Listening to the cries Tender mercies within the crux Ending up with lies. Beat the clock to redemption Fought off the crazed hordes With baited breath anticipation And lots and... Continue Reading →

For His Love

I would take away the past from him Rip it up to shreds Then mask all of his indifference Burn all those angry beds. Peel the hands of time from a clock Then return the favor upon his maid Get the symptom of the crime But only by getting him laid. Find most of it... Continue Reading →

Empty Cloud

Dust fills an empty heart That knows not where to go. Underestimating the cost of the past We did not hear, we do not know. The innocence is forming an alliance With tyrants near and far. They left their mark on uncharted land But unfortunately left a scar. Yearning desire builds a bridge Nobody seems... Continue Reading →

We run around in circles Trying to find the truth. What can you do to get her to love you And how long will it take to convince her? All of this and more Lies resting against my banging indifference. A very heady request lies before me You've put upon the table like a vice... Continue Reading →

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